Been Too Long..

Well it is October 2013 and I have been MIA so to speak from wordpress. It is a good thing I save my info or I would not know how to get back to this account I created a very long time ago.

Anyway, life has been good: God is great and positive thinking is the name of my game these days and the foundation for managing my life!!!


Been A While..Now 2013

Wow, this site has changed alot since I was last on it. I just get use to using it and now it has changed drastically. I do not know  why my user name is not coming out verified when I try to use wordpress to post to other blogs.  Who knows when I will be back as now I must learn all over again how to navigate this site.  It looked better the other way.  And what is up with that big space (box) on the right side of my page??? Why do these sites always feel they have to change things which in most cases never improves anything just makes you not want to go back!!!


Well, it has been awhile, about a year probably… Lots has happen and yet, things are still going relatively the same.  Went to Minnesota to settle some business and enjoy a visit with a friend name Dan in Northfield through the 4th of July. Great visit.  Took many pictures.  I could have stayed longer; it was that nice! Dan made my birthday most memorable….! Wow!

Well, Diary this is one new years resolution I am keeping big time! WOW, on a scale of one to ten, pleasuring myself awhile ago was off the charts! Perhaps 100! I am smiling big time!

I think I will not post anymore to you Diary about my big M,s because this is one new years resolution that is not even hard to keep! If only the others were as pleasurable….

Signing off of the pleasure updates as I will call them.

After the tragic and senseless shooting/killing of people over the weekend in Arizona, I was thinking that electing our first Black President has sparked a lot of haters to come out of the woodworks! As far as we have come to being inclusive, we have not come far enough. Personally, I blame the tea party for the hate generated in this country today!

Wow and Wow..


I pleasured myself awhile ago and it was on a scale of 1-10, a 10 plus some!

I will use my new addition again as it was sooooo good!!!

This is one New Year resolution that is so fun and wonderful feeling to keep for myself!!

Lately, I have not desired to write in this online diary, thinking that perhaps I am growing out of it for lack of a better way to express it at this moment.  Then thoughts come that perhaps I will continue it but not on a regular basics: at least, it will be there for me when I do desire to write in it!!

My thoughts today are two fold:

1. Religion is the strongest mind control drug out there hand down, no contest! I was listening to two different preachers and both eventually got around to talking about how people tide(give money to the church), making people feel guilty about not doing it or being able to do but so much.

Personally, I do not feel that Jesus was about tiding or anything that had to do with giving money! But that is me.  I believe it is about the soul and our faith in God in Jesus name period!

2. It is a new year and a new opportunity to be the best I/We can be and that is my top goal!

I have others that I carry though each year to do better than the last year and those I will continue to improve as they are a part of my life: my weigh and eating healthier, be the best person I can be, and pay down or back at least one to two bills I accumulated the past year!

Thank God for a bless day!